Visualization & Reporting



The end-users of our smart building software are always in focus. 

Nuuka provides end-users with easy to understand visualization interfaces and processed data from portfolio-level sustainability KPI’s, building energy analysis, and HVAC process performance monitoring in real-time.

You might be a sustainability manager responsible for building portfolio’s sustainability reporting and surveys (such as GRESB and GRI); an energy manager focused on optimizing building automation systems to achieve the right indoor air conditions optimal energy efficiency; a building maintenance manager trouble-shooting equipment failures in your building (with more than 10 000 sensors); or maybe you are a tenant in an office building who wants to know what your room temperature is at any time of day, as well as your carbon footprint over the past year - Nuuka can provide this data in an easy to understand format, and in real-time.

The Nuuka smart software platform comes with the following applications as standard:

  • Indoor climate analysis and reporting;
  • Energy efficiency analysis and reporting;
  • HVAC process analytics and performance reporting;
  • Sustainability analysis and reporting;
  • Waste analysis and reporting; and
  • Tenant spatial data management

In addition, data required for energy invoicing, digital signage applications in office buildings, shopping centers, schools, university campuses, and more can be made available too. Nuuka can calculate and provide financial data from your building (such as energy for use with integrations) such as general BI (Business Intelligence) reporting systems.