Nuuka Building Process Analytics

Nuuka provides a state-of-the-art building process analytics platform for public and commercial buildings that ensures productive work environments for users, helping them to reduce energy consumption and maintain sustainable real estate activity.


Our building process analytics tool enables fully-automated data collection from a building’s existing systems such as building automation, IoT devices, energy meters, access controls and real estate ERP systems. In addition, external systems such as utility and waste company data systems and meteorological services can be connected too.

Combining data from many sources ensures continuous building process analysis, which reveals deviations in indoor climate conditions and HVAC processes, equipment failures, use mistakes, energy efficiency and changes in waste streams fast - Nuuka’s smart software makes your building more intuitive.

Our reporting portal provides a comprehensive and easy to understand picture of indoor air conditions, energy efficiency, HVAC process performance and sustainability activities. Nuuka’s smart data management platform also allows for 3rd parties to join building managers in collecting building data easily, with our complete API solution allowing partners to offer and develop additional applications alongside Nuuka's smart solutions to you, the end-user.

The Nuuka building process analytics platform can also transfer data from our own (and 3rd party) cloud applications back into building automation and IoT devices in your building. These applications are usually mobile applications in commercial environments, environmental management solutions and machine learning solutions for optimizing existing building automation systems in your building.

The Nuuka building process analytics platform enables the modelling of building spaces and processes, with the functionality built-in for connecting data sources and applications to them.