Data Modelling & Analytics



Nuuka’s smart building software and analytics platform can enable your HVAC processes and building automation systems set to carry out desired indoor climate conditions for different use situations, with optimal energy consumption.


When ideal situations are found, automated alarm systems can be set to follow HVAC processes and alert you of fluctuations. In this case, the control of routine work can be reduced dramatically and centralize focus.

Smart building software enables building structures and technical processes to be modelled and connected different data sources, making it possible to create intuitive building process analytics applications on top of the Nuuka platform itself. The Nuuka smart software system has a range of standard applications and 3rd party partners that can create their own applications by using the Nuuka API.

Nuuka’s standard analytics applications are the following:

  • Indoor climate conditions;
  • Energy efficiency and energy cost analytics;
  • HVAC process performance;
  • Sustainability; 
  • Waste management;
  • Trend and statistics analysis; and
  • Correlation analysis

All analytics provide KPI values and these analytics can generate alarms that are displayed in the Nuuka portal view and on the maintenance mobile terminal. Alarms can also routed to email or SMS channels. Such real-time analytics and alarm systems enable rapid actions to be taken before financial losses accumulate. 

The alarm system runs on top of the Nuuka platform and can simultaneously use data from many data sources such as: building automation systems or IoT devices from different manufacturers. This means that alarm monitoring can be centralized and managed for large real estate portfolios.