Nuuka for Smart Retail

Nuuka in Brief

Smart building management software for modern and effective retail chains. Nuuka enables real-time management of your buildings, improving energy efficiency and air quality, controlling lighting, HVAC, space and more. Increase consumer experience at the point of sale whilst reducing costs and contributing to a better working environments for your staff.

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  • Provide excellent shopping experiences with great indoor climate
  • Reduce energy consumption and costs
  • Use data to simplify certifications
  • Get a fully integrated view of building management data in one system
  • Make a positive impact on the environment you can talk about
  • Modern service management increases efficiency and effectiveness

How Nuuka Works

Nuuka connects all the systems and sensors in your buildings to our cloud service, which monitors and reports the status of air quality, energy, heating, traffic flow and more. Nuuka is smart, helping you drive your energy usage down when needed, even for short periods of time. Nuuka also notifies you proactively to improve environmental outcomes or reduce costs, or take action to improve indoor climate.

You can monitor the status of your properties in real-time, read reports, and analyze results to take the right actions in the Nuuka portal. Instead of having complex data scattered and hidden in various systems, files and people we provide a fully-integrated view of your building management data. When your building is connected we provide training and share best practices to help you improve the bottom line.

Nuuka is setup with a one-time, quick and easy integration project. Your existing system and sensors’ data will be securely connected to the cloud. Nuuka supports any sensor brand, energy meter, lighting control or BMS, so no system changes are needed. No new sensors or hardware need to be purchased, but new sensors can easily be added.

Case S-Group (chain of grocery stores)

The Eekoo co-op, part of S-Group, installed Nuuka with a special emphasis on energy consumption and costs. They use Nuuka for continuous energy consumption monitoring and validating results of energy efficiency improvement projects. The impact of the improvement project was over €1M savings over three years across 25 grocery stores.

  • Our experience indicates that energy costs can be reduced by at least 10% for a retail outlet.
  • In our reference grocery stores we have proven savings between 20-30% for electricity and heating.