Nuuka for Smart Cities

Nuuka in Brief

Nuuka's Smart Building Management Platform enables cities, retail chains and buildning owners real-time building management. It helps you to make your buildings smarter and improve energy effiecency, air quality, lightning control, HVAC, space efficiency and more.

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  • Reduce energy consumption and costs
  • Beat carbon emissions reductions targets
  • Get a fully integrated view of building management data in one system
  • 21st century service management that increases efficiency and effectiveness

How Nuuka Works

Nuuka connects your building to the cloud service in order to monitor and report the status of energy use, heating, air quality, use of space and more. Nuuka helps you drive energy usage down when needed, even for short periods of time, and our smart platform notifies you proactively to improve environmental outcomes, reduce costs, and improve user satisfaction.

When your buildings are connected, you can monitor city status in real time and read reports from the Nuuka portal. The portal provides a complete and integrated view of your building management data instead of complex and scattered data hidden in various places. We provide training and share best practices to help you get the best outcomes for your city from using Nuuka.

Nuuka is set up with a one time, quick and easy integration project in which the existing systems and sensors are connected to the cloud. Nuuka is device agnostic supporting any BMS, lighting control system, energy meter or sensor brand: no new sensors or hardware are needed to be purchased.

Case Helsinki - A word from the Mayor Jan Vapaavuori

“Finland offers market-leading technology within this sector and Helsinki wants to be a trendsetter. It’s important to be able to track indoor air quality as it directly affects human well-being, and therefore the productivity of employees and inhabitants. Going forward, Helsinki aims to be the world’s leading city in digitalization. The choice of Nuuka as our partner is part of Helsinki’s determined advancement towards the smart city era.”

  • Energy expert from the City of Helsinki: “With Nuuka, we can easily save 10-20% on heating, and 5-10% on electricity costs”
  • In Nordic cities, heating can produce >55% and electricity >15% of total greenhouse gas emissions