Nuuka for Smart Buildings

Nuuka in Brief

Nuuka is a smart building management software making buildings smart. With Nuuka you can collect, analyze and control smart building data in one platform holistically, across any hardware brand you may have. Managing buildings in real-time is made simple, just like sustainability reporting and certification. Nuuka also ensures the best indoor climate, makes service management efficient and enables you to drive down the cost of heating, electricity and ventilation.

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  • Improved working conditions and air quality
  • A fully integrated view of building management data in one system
  • Manage, control and reduce energy consumption and costs
  • Simple sustainability reporting & certification
  • Modern service management increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improve environmental impact and sustainability rating
  • Increase value and revenue per square meter

How Nuuka Works

Nuuka connects all systems and sensors in your buildings to a cloud service, monitoring and reporting the status of air quality, energy, heating, use of space and more. Nuuka is smart, helping you drive your energy usage down when needed, even for short periods of time. Nuuka notifies you proactively to improve environmental outcomes or reduce costs, or take action to improve indoor climate.

In the Nuuka portal you can see all your buildings, their status, potential issues needing action, and access reports in real-time. Instead of having complex data scattered and hidden in various systems, files and people we provide a fully-integrated view of your building management data. We also provide training and share best practices to help you improve the bottom line.

Nuuka is setup with a one-time, quick and easy integration project. In the project your existing system and sensors’ data will be securely connected to the cloud. Nuuka supports any sensor brand, energy meter, lighting control or BMS, so no system changes are needed.

Commercial Property Director at Varma

“Nuuka's solution helps us connect building information in a new and innovative way, which helps us provide more value for our building users, reach optimal HVAC processes and thus make our buildings more user friendly and efficient. Even more importantly, with the help of Nuuka we can offer our tenants premium spaces with stable indoor air conditions and pleasant working and living environments”

  • A Nuuka customer raised their GRESB-rating from 3 to 5 stars.
  • Nuuka customer Varma optimized indoor climate for the tenants in their headquarter and chosen commercial buildings in Helsinki area by optimizing the building processes.