Real-time data platform for Sustainable Cities and Smart Buildings

Nuuka's building data platform allows cities, retail chains and property owners to manage their buildings in real-time. It helps you make your buildings smart, improving energy efficiency, air quality, lighting control, HVAC, space efficiency and more.

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How Nuuka’s Smart Platform can work for your business

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The Old Chaos Model

Silos of data prevent organizations from sharing information effectively.

The Nuuka Way

Real-time Building Management Software for data-analytics. Where up-to-date information is always available to the right recipient.

Nuuka - a Smart Building platform with application modules

Nuuka’s Smart Building software consists of a platform featuring several application modules that can be used separately or in combination. The platform contains all basic functions for building information management. This includes user management, property information, data collection and integrated solutions, AD integration, data warehousing and data management, and Nuuka's API service.

Energy Management

Nuuka's energy management module is useful for reporting and optimizing your energy consumption at the real estate portfolio or building level, all the way down to individual rooms or meters. It supports the latest methods for monitoring energy consumption as set forth in building regulations in many countries to help determine how energy is consumed in a property. The module also provides energy costs and CO2 emission reports.

The energy management module helps you reduce the energy cost of your buildings and discover where improvement efforts are needed. It immediately triggers alarms if any device malfunctions.

Process Performance

Nuuka's process performance module is useful for monitoring and optimizing all complex processes in your buildings, such as heating, cooling, lighting and more. The results are displayed on a KPI dashboard that sends out notifications and triggers alarms when abnormal situations arise.

The process performance module allows you to effectively manage your buildings and is a powerful tool to decrease your energy costs. It helps you to detect and service faulty equipment before it breaks down, and implement proactive building and facilities maintenance.

Indoor Climate Management

Nuuka's indoor climate management module is useful for monitoring and reporting climate conditions such as temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC, particles, noise and lighting intensity. This can be implemented in your building at the floor or room level, and the reports adhere to international indoor air quality classification standards and best practices.

The indoor climate management module will ensure that you are able to provide your tenants with a comfortable and healthy working and living environment. Be proactive and avoid complaints regarding cold temperatures, humid air or bad ventilation systems.

Space Efficiency

Nuuka's space efficiency module is a tool for monitoring, analyzing and optimizing the occupancy of buildings, areas and rooms, as well as rates and people flow.

Sustainability Reporting

Nuuka's sustainability reporting module can be used to compile asset-related data required for the most common sustainability performance reporting standards such as GRESB and GRI. Sustainability data is also available for city reporting and formats.

Tenant and Home Monitoring

Nuuka's tenant and home monitoring module displays information related to electricity, heating, cooling or water consumption failures or breakdowns, waste fractions, and the indoor air quality of apartments and office spaces.

The module helps and inspires your tenants to be more aware of their consumption. It enables them to make more conscious choices and reduce their environmental impact.

Waste Reporting

Nuuka's waste reporting module provides a detailed report of your building’s waste fractions and material flows.

Nuuka's waste reporting module is a helpful tool for increasing your building's sustainability score and encouraging your tenants to cut down on waste and recycle more.