Trusted in 3,000 buildings in six countries

Real-time data from your entire portfolio, presented your way

The Business view.

The “first of its kind-tool” gives you full control of your entire portfolio’s performance from a business perspective.

A quick and easy overview with relevant KPI’s for budget, air quality, energy consumption, etc. Of course, also accessible from your tablet and phone.


The Operative view

Here you can monitor, compare and analyse everything on a portfolio or building level, down to a single meter or sensor level.

Here you will also set the standards and alarms and change the setpoints for the systems. Making your Facility Management operation more efficient.

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Monitoring, data analysing and reporting services.

Nuuka Energy 

Simple and easy energy monitoring, analysis, and reporting
Get control of your energy consumption with real time actionable insights and alarms. See immediately if something is happening in your buildings and follow if your energy projects delivers the promised savings.

Nuuka Indoor Climate

Follow, analyze and optimize your Indoor Climate 
Secure that your employees, visitors, and tenants have a healthy and comfortable living and working experience.

Nuuka Process

Follow, analyse, and optimise your cooling, heating, and ventilation processes.
Find the root causes of performance issues and optimize your processes for improved energy efficiency.

Self-optimizing services. With AI and Machine learning algorithms.
Upgrade your existing buildings to smart buildings with Nuuka AI. More than 4000 system-adjustments per hour every hour and every day.

Nuuka AI Air

Optimizes your ventilation system 24/7
Nuuka AI Air predicts the ventilation need for your building for the closest future by continuous indoor and outdoor measurements, historic data and constant iterations and optimises it for optimal air quality and minimal energy consumption.

Nuuka AI Heat & Cool *

Optimizes your heating and cooling 24/7
AI controls the heating and cooling processes. You can offer your customers optimum temperature and energy optimization without having to replace any systems

* Available in 2022

Easy to install

To connect your buildings to the Nuuka platform is easy
thanks to it’s more than 100 ready integrations to different hardware systems and IoT’s. 
All secured by the professional Nuuka delivery & support team.