The Nuuka Partner Program

Nuuka has multiple partners who all add value to our software solution.

Automation contractors, building design agencies, building service providers, environmental consultants, energy management companies, installation service providers, software companies - if you are working to make buildings more efficient and perform better environmentally, then we want to talk to you! 

The Nuuka Partner Program

Nuuka has many different types of partner categories, including: implementation partners, real estate industry service providers, and re-sellers. These different partner profiles play a crucial role in the Nuuka ecosystem.

All of them have their own ways of contributing to success for the end customer.

Our smart building software solution can be white-labelled or co-branded depending on your needs and it can also be customized to meet your professional needs too.

With Nuuka´s smart building software you can go after bigger deals, increase your operational efficiency and provide a higher level of customer service to your clients.

Call us now about joining our partner program: +46 76 176 4604

The Benefits of being in the Nuuka Partner Program

  • Complement your own offering with our smart building software solution (white-label or co-branded);
  • Streamline your service delivery process by utilizing Nuuka for remote monitoring for energy efficiency, indoor air quality and HVAC process performance;

  • Offer building process analytics to achieve time savings in the monitoring of your customer’s buildings and ensure corrective processes are pre-emptive;
  • Easily and efficiently collect data and create sustainability reports for your clients (GRESB, LEED, GRI or other); and
  • Offer continuous improvement programs with remote monitoring and management capabilities of your client’s facilities with our smart building software.

Call our VP of Sales and Marketing Susanne Hedblom now on +46 76 176 4604