Turn your existing building data to actionable insights that will help you to a healthy, sustainable and remotely monitored portfolio 


Nuuka Process service

The Nuuka Process service will give you remote and holistic control over all your buildings' processes and improve how they work together. Securing your portfolio efficiency and resilience and a reduction in both your energy- and heating costs.

The Nuuka Process service will turn your existing building data into actionable insights, that will attract tenants and drive your property value. And enable you to a more efficient and proactive Facility Management.


Analyze and optimize your buildings

  • Nuuka is hardware agnostic and can connect and collect data from almost all systems, meters, or sensors on the market. Today we have more than 100 integrations to all major automation systems and IoT sensors.

  • Nuuka helps you to analyze and optimizes all your building automation processes; Heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting. Also, other processes such as; elevators and escalators, the usage of EV charging and renewable energy sources, and different Facility Management and cleaning processes can be connected.

  • Real-time data from your buildings presented your way. From the business view visualizing your portfolios' performance to the operative, detailed view.


Enables a digital facilities management

  • All buildings data accessible to the whole team enables proactivity.
  • Easy to set alarms and notifications securing proper error handling and actions.
  • Reduces system downtimes and increasing customer satisfaction.