Healthy, comfortable and productive facilities 



Nuuka Indoor Climate

Are my indoor conditions safe and optimal for my employees, my tenants, and visitors?
Questions that arise in importance for Real Estate owners in these extraordinary times. The ability to offer a safe and healthy indoor environment is more critical than ever before. The Nuuka Indoor Climate service will help you get control and to guarantee safe and productive indoor environments.


A good indoor climate is vital to your customers

We spend 80-90 % of our lives indoors, and studies show that many the key pollutants* are often up to 5 times higher indoors than outdoors. 

The awareness of the indoor air quality amongst people is growing and, in a survey done by the Future Workplace of what employees wanted most from their workplace, good air quality came out on the top of the list. (58% thought that it was most important) followed by good lighting, good water, and a comfortable temperature. 

*Key pollutants are the SOX, NOX, and the VOC:s.

And to your buildings too

Incorrect humidity levels or pressure differences are just some of several indoor conditions that can cost a vast amount to a Real Estate owner. Driving the need for costly renovations and reduced productivity. Nuuka’s Indoor Climate service will give you control and reduce the need for manual measurements in each building.


Nuuka Indoor Climate

  • Nuuka will provide you with a turnkey solution. Including new sensors, if needed
  • Nuuka Indoor Climate is easy and fast to connect and to start monitoring
  • We help you with connecting your already existing sensors and with the installation and connection of any new IoT sensor that will drive your indoor experience and productivity.