Make your buildings more Sustainable!
Reduce your CO2 emissions and energy costs


Nuuka Energy 

With Nuuka’s Energy service, you get a clear view of your portfolios’ energy consumption. Both fast and easy overview KPIs and alarms, and the ability to analyze all measurements and values together and over time, to spot trends and variations. Helping you lead energy improvement projects and reduce unnecessary consumption and costs.

The system collects consumption data from all data sources, including energy meters, building automation systems, utility and energy companies, individual energy systems, etc. and calculates according to standard consumption KPI-metrics and offer an extensive reporting package via our web portal and mobile applications.


Energy consumption

  • Comprehensive energy analysis and reporting tools for all type of consumption measurement
  • Full support to measure unlimited amount of "sub-meters" from tenants, HVAC processes, etc.
  • Analyses can be carried out by portfolio, property, by building block, by floor or by individual space.

Renewable energy

Clear overview and KPI’s of how efficient renewable energy processes perform and produce energy

  • Geothermal Heat & Cooling
  • Solar energy
  • Show the energy balance between purchased energy and own renewable energy production over different time intervals
  • Show how much energy available for selling to other consumers in different situations

Sustainability reporting made easy

  • Ready-made reports to all major certifications and reporting societies. Such as; GRESB, BREEAM, GRI, LEED etc.
  • Saves hundreds of man-hours on manual reporting