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Make your buildings self-optimizing 





A series of upcoming services where we use Artificial Intelligence to upgrade your portfolio to
smart buildings.  First out is Nuuka AI AIR

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Nuuka Solutions - Supplying the real estate industry with cloud-based data solutions since 2013

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Make your buildings more Sustainable!
Reduce your CO2 emissions and energy costs

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Nuuka Solutions - Supplying the real estate industry with cloud-based data solutions since 2013

Looking for ways to turn your building portfolio into healthy, sustainable, and remotely controlled buildings?

Welcome to Nuuka Solutions, We help you turn your building data into useful and actionable insights.

According to the UN, 39% of global energy is used by buildings. In combination with the present situation, demanding remote control, the real estate industry needs a new approach.

By connecting your buildings to our Nuukas open and real-time data platform, you will get control of your energy consumption, CO2-emissions, indoor climate, and HVAC functions. You will be able to reduce your energy costs and CO2-emmisions without compromising indoor conditions. You will also be able to remotely control your buildings and have a more proactive and predictive Facility Management. Your administration and entire organisation will be able to work more efficiently. Last, but not least, your property value will increase!

So, let us join you on your digital journey, turning your existing building data into actionable insights, that will attract tenants and drive your property value.

How does it work?
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Every 10th minute the Nuuka Platform collects and analyzes data from:

19 000 energy consumption meters & 110 000 building process measurements & 35 000 indoor climate sensors

from 3000 buildings in six countries

Smart customers using the Nuuka platform

We work with a variety of world-class companies from different sectors. All united by the Insight that their building data is business value.

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Nuuka Data Security

Information security and privacy are important to us and are central to our success.
As proof of this commitment, Nuuka's Information Security Management System is ISO 27001 certified.

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