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The secret behind thousands of smart and sustainable buildings around the world

According to the UN, 39% of global energy is used by buildings. A staggering number increased year by year. 

But good news -  By connecting your buildings to our open real-time data platform, you will get control of your energy consumption, CO2 emissions, indoor climate, and HVAC functions. A reduction by 5-10% on energy costs and 10-20% on heating is a low estimate.

Also, you will get the ability to remotely control your buildings, enabling an FM function that is both proactive and predictive. And the possibility to create better utilization of your square meters.

 All amazing, but the best is that you will get smart, sustainable buildings that will attract tenants and drive your property value. Smart isn’t it?

How does it work?

When do you need the Nuuka smart building platform?

When you have a large portfolio or complex buildings with many different building automation systems, sensors, or IoT. And you want to be able to connect and monitor them all - in a single platform

When you want to optimize your energy consumption and Facility management. And drive property value via better space utilization, better tenant experience, and new services.

When you have realized the potential of using your building data to drive business, sustainability and property value. Instead of giving it away.

When you want your whole organization to have access to, and be able to share, the same real-time view of your portfolio

When you want to simplify your sustainability certification in LEED, BREAM, GRESB or other systems by using our ready-made reports

Nuuka Solutions - Enabling Smart, Healthy and Sustainable Buildings Worldwide. Meet some of our customers

Nuuka software helps you provide happier and healthier environments for your tenants, optimizes building performance, and allows you to easily manage your entire portfolio.
As a result, you can reduce energy costs, increase rent and decrease your building's carbon footprint