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Put Your Data to Work

The Nuuka software is a game changer in Smart Building management. It makes large real-estate portfolios more transparent and enables you see all building information in one platform. When simplifying information sharing, the results are optimally managed buildings that are more sustainable, healthy and comfortable for your tenants.

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Connect all your devices - IoT, building automation, sensors, systems and more in one platform


Our algorithms are designed to analyze all your building data to optimize its performance


With all data in one place you can get the right information to the right person at the right time


Enhance your building performance and create a healthier and more comfortable environment for your tenants


With your building data, get new insights and create new business opportunities

Increase the Value of Your Buildings

The Nuuka software enables happier and healthier environments for your tenants, optimizes the buildings performance, and allows you to easily manage your entire portfolio. As a result, you can reduce energy costs, increase rents and decrease the carbon footprint of your building

What could Nuuka do to your building?

Improve Indoor Climate
Optimize Occupancy Rates
Lower Operating Expences
Enable Collaboration
Improve User Satisfaction
Higher Sustainability Imago
Automize Building Process Management
Increase Human Productivity
Increase Property Value
Reduce Waste Generation
Reduce Energy Consumption

Don't just take our word for it

We have been following Nuuka´s development for quite some time and value their innovative approach to building management. Nuuka´s solution helps us connect building information in a new and innovative way, which helps us provide more value for our building users, reach an optimal HVAC processes and thus make our buildings more user friendly and efficient. Even more importantly, with the help of Nuuka we can offer our tenants premium spaces with stable indoor air conditions and pleasant working and living environments

Toni Pekonen, Commercial Property Director

The city of Helsinki is taking a big step as its’ buildings are shifting from tracking energy consumption to the smart building era. Finland offers market leading technology within this sector and Helsinki wants to be a trendsetter. It’s important to be able to track indoor air quality as it directly affects human well-being, and therefore the productivity of employees and inhabitants. Going forward, Helsinki aims to be the world’s leading city in digitalization. The choice of Nuuka as our partner is part of Helsinki’s determined advancement towards the smart city era.

Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor of City of Helsinki

The vibrant places of the future. New consumer trends and technological development will affect the development of new properties. The properties that will have the best economic return are those companies that consumers of the future want to shop at, whether it's food or non-food. The main goal (for the big data analysis) is to show where there are growth opportunities for the year 2030. One of the two goals is to find what will characterize the future's vibrant location. The second is to show how good are to be transported to consumers' homes.

Lena Broberg, CEO, ICA Real Estate