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Your building is full of useful data but this data is often poorly organized.

The usability of this data is the key to making your building more efficient and sustainable. In other words - ‘smarter’.

Today over 50 million buildings consume half of the world´s energy. The single largest challenge to enhanced energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality and the streamlined management of buildings is how to analyze and use building big data effectively.

The Nuuka building process analytics platform combines extensive industry expertise with state-of-the-art building analytics software to make your building the smartest on the block.

Find out how.

Platform for Building Process Analytics Indoor Climate Analysis and Reports HVAC Process and Performance Analytics Energy Analysis and Reports Sustainability Performance Analysis and Reports Tenant Engagement

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An increasing number of people live and work in urban spaces and buildings.

This means that everyone can benefit with Nuuka.

Nuuka provides value to residential and commercial building owners; property investors and real estate portfolio managers; municipalities asset managers; tenants and more.

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With over 50 million buildings consuming half of the world´s energy today, we need great partners to help us make these buildings smarter.

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