Nuuka for Residential Building Companies

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Your tenants demand healthier and more sustainable buildings. They want to reduce their energy consumption; demand exceptional indoor air quality and conditions; and want to know that their environmental impact is low.

The Nuuka smart building software solution helps residential building companies to efficiently manage their buildings utilising big data and IoT - technologies and guarantees improved indoor quality and optimal energy efficiency for your tenants.


Truly understand your residential building with Nuuka

Nuuka can be used with all types of residential buildings. Your needs can range from simple to highly complex HVAC and automation installations to the very basic need for improved  energy efficiency. As a residential building owner you can manage thousands of measurements from individual apartments separately and create an easy to understand view of your residential building’s performance. Nuuka also supports local renewable energy production management, which is a strong growth area globally. 


Monitor and manage energy efficiency, indoor air quality and HVAC process performance from one place

And do it across your portfolio. Our smart building software solution helps you find ways to improve indoor air conditions, save energy, streamline maintenance processes and provide the sustainability information for general surveys like GRESB and GRI. Nuuka is compatible with the energy management standards like ISO 50001 and ISO14001.


Provide value-added service to your tenants and service providers

Nuuka supports Green Lease contracts by offering energy and indoor air quality monitoring solutions and reports to tenants. As a residential building owner, you can also allow service providers to use the Nuuka system for an entire portfolio or for only a few properties.


Nuuka helps you reach energy saving targets

With all the critical targets of the building measured and monitored by the Nuuka smart building software solution, you receive real-time information on HVAC processes and energy consumption and can make appropriate adjustments immediately. Having access to such data in real-time helps you reach energy targets and improved air conditions fasters.


Nuuka offers residential building companies the complete package

Nuuka offers a complete set of energy management process tools to monitor energy consumption from the initial starting phase through to the energy efficiency project and final steady-state level. Our Nuuka smart building software solution is a fully device manufacturer-independent system which helps to automatize data collection directly from energy meters, building automation systems, IoT systems & utility companies.


Designed to help residential building owners sleep much, much better:

  • Indoor air quality is important to your residents’ health and comfort. It reduces complaints and can affect the valuation of the residential environment.
  • Energy is a building's biggest operational cost, typically 40 – 60 % of total operating expenses.
  • A higher sustainability image and proven indoor air quality can produce higher rental income.


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