Nuuka for Municipalities and Smart Cities

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The push for municipalities and cities to become smarter and more environmentally-friendly is a global trend that  is well established.

There has never been more pressure on public officials and city-planners to address pressing sustainability issues in local communities and urban areas. Citizens want smart, efficient and sustainable solutions for their communities and Nuuka provides the software to make this happen.


Use Nuuka to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Save Energy

Municipalities typically have a diverse building stock to manage, which includes large buildings such as educational, governmental and residential assets, as well as commercial buildings too. Challenges range from addressing poor indoor air quality and energy management to improving energy efficiency and making newly installed renewable energy systems work for them.

The Nuuka smart building software solution can be used to centrally monitor and manage the energy efficiency, indoor air quality and HVAC process performance of your municipal real estate portfolio. Risks relating to poor indoor air quality and moisture problems can also be addressed with our solution.


Centralized Monitoring and Asset Management with Nuuka

Centrally monitor and manage the energy efficiency, indoor air quality and HVAC process performance of your entire asset register. Use update, real-time information on HVAC processes to correct adjustments as needed, with no delay. Nuuka helps you improve indoor air quality, save energy, streamline maintenance processes and have sustainability information for general surveys like GRESB and GRI in your hands. 

Nowadays, many municipalities have their own sustainability programs that require data collection and aggregation to understand if KPI’s are being reached. Nuuka supports municipal sustainability programs by providing the necessary asset performance and energy data for use.


Nuuka Provides the Data Smart Cities and Municipalities Need to be Sustainability Leaders

Municipal and smart city energy management needs are changing. Nuuka is quick to set up and very cost efficient, making it an easy choice It starts with an energy efficiency project conducted by an official Nuuka Partner near you. We'll set up the Nuuka smart building software solution and estimate the historical values of your electricity, water and heating consumption.

Nuuka automates data collection from different source systems in your buildings. All the data generated from a building or portfolio by Nuuka always belongs to the building owner. This data is a valuable asset and part of your building’s story. This ensures that reporting is always transparent, real-time and credible.


Nuuka Offers Municipalities and Smart Cities the Complete Package.

Nuuka offers a complete set of energy management process tools to monitor energy consumption from initial starting phase through to the energy efficiency project and final steady-state level. Our smart building software solution is a device manufacturer independent system which helps automate data collection directly from energy meters, building automation systems, IoT systems & utility companies.


Efficency and Effectiveness. Nuuka's Smart City and Municipality Proposition:

  • Indoor air quality is important to your staff as well as customer health and productivity Many municipalities cities have many buildings with indoor air problems to manage. Nuuka helps ensure better indoor air quality in your buildings.
  • Energy is a building's biggest operational cost, typically 40 – 60 % of total operating expenses. The rising price of energy, political decisions on cutting greenhouse emissions and reducing nuclear power use is pushing municipalities to also improve their energy efficiency.
  • Citizens demand proven sustainability in their cities and communities.


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