Nuuka for Building User/Owners

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Our smart building software solution ensures better indoor climate conditions and optimal energy efficiency. Use Nuuka to improve building energy efficiency with almost zero up-front investment.

As a building owner and user, you have a special relationship with your property. You manage for the long-term, but also need to pay attention to indicators and signals every day regarding your building’s health and environmental impact. You may be in trade, traffic, healthcare, industry or the municipal sector - whatever the focus, you must ensure that optimal operating conditions and efficient energy consumption are the normal.


The Nuuka smart building software solution is the tool you need to make sure your building is the top of its class.

Nuuka helps you improve indoor air quality, save energy and streamline maintenance processes, all from one place. Your building is full of different systems all working to make your building great, but not always succeeding because they aren’t always working together. Bringing together the different systems operating in your building into one place, makes it easier for you to understand what your building is doing right, and what it could be doing better. After we help you optimize your building’s performance, we use our 24/7 real time diagnostics to make sure your building keeps on operating at an optimal and efficient level.


Manage complexity, automate data collection with a system that is easy to understand and use.

The Nuuka smart building software solution can be used in modern and complex buildings, with large HVAC and building automation installations. It can manage tens of thousands of measurements and create easy to understand visualizations of performance KPI’s of large buildings. By automating data collection from different source systems, our smart building software solution helps avoid human error and see problems before they become critical.


Smart and secure - start using Nuuka and your building will be more intelligent from day one.

The Nuuka smart building software solution is quick to set up and very cost-efficient. We help you find the right concept to start making your buildings healthy and more energy efficiency. 

All data generated from your building will always belongs to you, the building owner. This data is a valuable asset of yours and part of your building’s story. We take your data security seriously and ensure that is stored safely in the Microsoft cloud.


A property investment means so much more for a building user/owner. At Nuuka we understand the full picture.

  • Good indoor air quality is important for health and it improves productivity. It reduces your staff's illnesses and makes the business environment comfortable for your customers.
  • Energy is a building's biggest operational cost, comprising typically 40 – 60 % of total operating expenses.
  • A higher sustainability image is important to your business and can boost sales.


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