Our Customers

Smart customers using the Nuuka platform

We work with a variety of world-class companies from different sectors. All united by the insight that their building data is business value.

Smart Buildings

We help major Real estate companies get in control over their buildings’ performance and possibilities. Here are some:


Edge Technologies

The Award-winning company behind buildings like The Edge in Amsterdam and Unilever HQ in New Jersey US. North America's most sustainable building rated platinum by BREEM. Other buildings where Nuuka’s technology is used are MM25 building in Rotterdam, Edge Technologies’ HQ Edge Olympic in Amsterdam as well as Fellenoord 15 building in Eindhoven.


Genesta, an independent real estate fund management company with a focus on commercial real estate in the Nordic region, connects their entire portfolio to the Nuuka platform to support its sustainability certification and energy management.


Lapti Group is a Finnish construction group whose operations focus on residential, service and business premises construction, real estate development, and the provision of building technology services in Finland.

Lapti has acquired Nuuka's services to their residential properties in Kalasatama, Helsinki, to identify the performance of the HVAC processes and provide residents with information on the energy and water consumption of their apartment. Also, the Nuuka systems enable the operations of an electricity demand response solution, designed for the Kalasatama area via a two-way CIM interface.

Smart Cities

2050 the prediction is that 70% of the earth’s population will live in cities. In combination with the Paris agreement, stating that we must become carbon neutral by the same year, calls for a new way of thinking. By implementing the Nuuka platform, the cities can connect their buildings and start the journey to become an energy-smart, sustainable city.


The City of Helsinki

The city of Helsinki has set a bold target to become Carbon neutral already in 2035. And at the same time becoming the most functional city in the world to its citizens. We are proud to be their partner in achieving their targets by connecting their 1700 public buildings to the Nuuka platform.

Smart Retail

Reduce energy consumption and creating the best possible customer experience are just some of the features our customers within retail receives by using the Nuuka platform. Of course, this is not only applicable to companies within retail. The effect will be there for any company with a mix of their own and rented locations. We could have called them owner/user companies.


ICA Real Estate

ICA's vision is to make everyday life a little easier each day for its customers. This applies to the entire group, including ICA Real Estate. In addition, ICA Real Estate has a vision that, with the properties as a starting point, create new and better conditions for a good life, and thus make a difference for their customers. Part of this endeavor is to digitize all its properties to enable new services and long-term sustainability work.