A Good Idea? Let Nuuka Make Your Building Smart.

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Your Building Needs to Become Smarter.

Increasing awareness of the environmental impact of the built environment and its historic inefficiency means that building owners and investors need to invest in making their assets more efficient and better managed for air quality and climate impact. 

This is great news, because here’s the big secret about making your building smarter and performing better environmentally: it saves you money too.

The Nuuka smart building software service has been designed to optimize your building´s performance, reduce its energy consumption, improve indoor air conditions and automate sustainability reporting, making your building fit for the future.

The Nuuka smart building software solution automatically collects data from numerous sources and is a device and manufacturer-independent cloud service, meaning it can operate in public, commercial and residential buildings to enable real-time data feeds from building automation systems, energy meters, intelligent sensor networks (IOT) or other IT-systems.

Managing numerous buildings is easy with Nuuka, whether it be a single property or a growing real estate portfolio.


Improving energy efficiency is smart.

Energy experts from our Nuuka Partner Program have been able to produce significant improvements in energy efficiency by using Nuuka's analysis and reporting tools. Energy efficiency improvements have been reported up to 35% annually, with indoor air quality improvements reported simultaneously.


Nuuka isn’t just smart. It’s also easy to use.

Nuuka automatically analyzes your building’s data and finds ways to improve energy efficiency, indoor air conditions and HVAC process performance. The Nuuka energy information portal allows users also to analyze and monitor data and create easy to understand graphic reports for internal or external stakeholder use.

Building owners can allow Nuuka Partners to use Nuuka BEMS’s analysis and optimization tools for an entire portfolio or for only a few properties.

The Nuuka smart building software service is a ‘big data’ solution that allows building owners, users and partners to have their building data seamlessly collected, organized, analyzed and calculated via the Nuuka API for external applications such as: BI tools, marketing applications, company ERP, tenant billing applications, and more.

Find out more about how Nuuka can provide tremendous value to property investors, building users/owners, residential building companies, smart cities and municipalities.