Case Varma


Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company is the most solvent earnings-related pension company and largest private investor in Finland. The company is responsible for the statutory earnings-related pension cover of some 873,000 people in the private sector. Premiums written totaled EUR 4.7 billion in 2016 and pension payments stood at EUR 5.3 billion. Varma’s investment portfolio amounted to EUR 45.0 billion at the end of June 2017.

Varma wanted to guarantee the optimized indoor climate for the tenants of the headquarters and the chosen commercial building in Helsinki area by optimizing the building processes with Nuuka service. In addition, bringing the data from individual silos into one the platform brings significant added value to Varma. Furthermore, Nuuka service helps service companies (technical management and maintenance) to automate building processes and routine tasks in everyday work.


In Varma’s headquarter alone, the connection of thousands of data points was made to Nuuka platform. The data points are collected from building automation system, sub-metering system, solar panel system, waste company, lightning system, utility company and local weather stations. Nuuka also provides data to third party applications, such Tieto’s Emphatics Building service, through a REST API interface.


The following Nuuka software modules are activated in Varma’s chosen commercial properties: Energy Management, Space Efficiency, Waste Reporting, Renewable Energy Balancing reports, Process Performance and Indoor Air Management- The Nuuka Process Performance and Indoor Air Management applications were also introduced to guarantee the eligible indoor climate conditions in the buildings.

Varma and Nuuka are currently utilizing Nuuka’s data analytics to further improve the HVAC process performance and energy efficiency of the buildings. The goal is to digitalize the traditional facility management process in the building.


Hear from Varma’s Commercial Property Director Toni Pekonen why Nuuka’s building management solution was right for them:

“We have been following Nuuka´s development for quite some time and value their innovative approach to building management. Nuuka´s Connect & Create solution helps us connect building information in a new and innovative way, which helps us provide more value for our building users, reach an optimal HVAC processes and thus make our buildings more user friendly and efficient. Even more importantly, with the help of Nuuka we can offer our tenants premium spaces with stable indoor air conditions and pleasant working and living environments”, summarised Varma´s Commercial Property Director, Mr. Toni Pekonen