Case The Edge


It's not in Tokyo, New York, Delhi, London or Paris, that you find the world’s most sustainable office building but in Amsterdam, which is home to The Edge. The Edge’s sophisticated design combined with smart technology, resulted in a 98.36% (BREEAM-NL) sustainability score for the building in 2018.

The Edge is a unique example of one aspect that will define the real estate of the future: buildings that generate more energy than they consume.


Nuuka’s involvement with The Edge includes the real time analytics of thousands of data points for energy and water consumption, indoor climate, occupancy and HVAC process performance (used by Edge Technologies personnel). Data integrations with the building management system (BMS), bGrid sensor system and Mapiq application were also established during the project.

Nuuka helps building management professionals reach and maintain energy and space efficiency, indoor air quality, HVAC process and sustainability performance. Nuuka’s SaaS based software consolidates existing building big data into one single user interface. This helps building owners and users not only report but also analyze and understand the key factors for energy efficiency, good indoor air and sustainability. Nuuka brings building big data into the hands of building users and owners, enabling better building management and increased property value.


The scope of works for this specific project included the activation of the following Nuuka Modules: Energy Management, HVAC Process Performance, Space Efficiency, Indoor Air Management and Sustainability Performance (GRESB).