Smart technology has helped The Edge become the most sustainable building in the world

The Edge's sophisticated design combined with smart technology resulted in a sustainability score of 98.36% (BREEM-NL) and a building that generates more energy than it consumes

The Edge is Deloitte's head office in Amsterdam. It was developed by EDGE Technologies, a real estate developer with the goal of reinventing the modern workplace as a driving force for health, sustainability and innovation. To achieve its goals, EDGE Technologies combines decades of real estate experience with Big Data, smart technology and a way of working that is based on constantly learning from the way the building is used. Nuuka's Smart Building platform collects real-time data and analyzes thousands of data points for energy and water consumption, indoor climate, occupancy and HVAC process performance.

Nuuka's SaaS-based software consolidates all the property data from The Edge into a single user interface and helps both property owners and employees analyze, understand and manage the key factors for energy efficiency, optimal indoor air quality and sustainability

Sunny Views

The Edge is designed in such a way that solar energy is optimally utilized. The glass facade ensures that daylight can be utilized for as long as possible during the working day. The south side of the building is equipped with solar panels, which keeps the heat out and absorbs radiation when it's at its strongest. The result? The Edge produces more than enough energy for heating and cooling, as well as all laptops and smartphones in the building, as well as all electric-powered vehicles used by employees.

Reliable Sources

The heating and cooling of The Edge is regulated in a sustainable way. Two groundwater sources are situated 130 meters underground: one for cold water and one for hot water. The so-called 'aquifer thermal energy storage pumps' pump hot or cold water into or out of the building, depending on the inside and outside temperatures. The pumps are powered by self-generated solar power. The Edge utilizes smart technology and sustainable solutions to achieve optimum results for the building, its users and the environment

Lighting for everyone

Everyone at The Edge can control the light and "climate" of their workspace with the special Philips app on their smartphone or tablet.

6,000 low energy LED lamps are connected to sensors for daylight, temperature, infrared and motion detectors and are only activated when needed. LED saves energy as it provides 300 Lux instead of the standard 500 Lux. As a result, only 3.9 watts/m² is used instead of the usual 8 watts/m² needed.

Healthy Living

Not only is The Edge good for the environment, it also provides a healthier indoor climate for its users. For example, the heat recovery system helps to create an intelligent ventilation system.

The Edge - connected to the Nuuka Smart Building Platform

The Edge

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970
1081 LA Amsterdam
The Netherland

Gross floor area
40.000 sq m

Completion date
Q4 2014

Parking spaces

PLP Architecture

BREEAM Outstanding
World's most sustainable office building 2014-2016