LähiTapiola provides its tenants a more stable indoor climate and better working and living conditions

LähiTapiola creates better energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and durability for the Espoo Campus and Ainoa Shopping Center thanks to Nuuka's Smart Building Platform

LähiTapiola is a mutual insurance company that provides private customers, farmers, entrepreneurs, corporate customers and organizations with products and services that include: non-life insurance, life and pension insurance and investments and savings. They have approximately 3,400 employees and 1.6 million customers.

LähiTapiola's vision is to offer Finnish people a safer and healthier lifestyle. It was therefore a natural step for them to explore the possibility of using smart real estate technology to improve tenants' working and living environments while ensuring the energy efficiency and low environmental impact of the building.

Nuuka's platform and modules ensure optimal property management

LähiTapiola utilizes Nuuka's Smart Building Management Platform, as well as the following modules in its buildings: Energy Management, Waste Reporting and Renewable Energy Balancing Reporting, and to guarantee optimal indoor climate, Nuuka's Process Performance and Indoor Climate Management have also been installed. Nuuka also assists LähiTapiola with data analysis to further improve plumbing performance and energy efficiency in its buildings.

The goal is to digitize the traditional real estate management process in the buildings.

“We see that Nuuka has a new and innovative approach to managing real estate data. This helps us create more value for our building users, achieve optimal plumbing processes and thus make our buildings more user-friendly and efficient. Therefore, we believe we can increase the attractiveness of our properties.”
Eero Kokkonen, LähiTapiola’ Environmental Manager