The Edge Olympic, the first in a new generation of smart and sustainable buildings

Everything is connected to the cloud

EDGE Technologies owns The EDGE Olympic headquarters in Amsterdam is a state-of-the-art and smart building. Designed on the basis of innovative circular principles, EDGE buildings are ultra-durable, user-focused and aim to address two major challenges: improving global sustainability and unleashing human potential.

The EDGE Olympic is based on a digital infrastructure that connects everything and everyone within its walls to Nuuka's cloud-based Smart Building Management Platform. This flexible digital infrastructure enables them to easily connect and get started with extra services, regular system updates and create added value for both users and management.

Nuuka's Smart Building Platform collects real-time data and analyzes thousands of data points for energy and water consumption, indoor climate, cooling and HVAC process performance. Nuuka's SaaS-based software collects all the property data from The EDGE Olympic into a single user interface and helps both property owners and tenants analyze, understand and manage the key factors for energy efficiency, optimal indoor air quality and sustainability.

Developed to reduce energy costs and environmental impact

As a result of a strong sustainability strategy, The EDGE Olympic has been designed to reduce both energy costs and environmental impact at the same time. As a result, The EDGE Olympic consumes 72 kWh/m2, compared to typical office buildings, which use 223 kWh/m2. The building is energy-neutral at city level and saves thousands of euros and kilowatt hours per year.

The smart technology at The EDGE Olympic makes the indoor climate more pleasant and productive for all tenants and visitors. Whether they spend just a few minutes in the building, or a longer time, they will notice that this office building is anything but traditional. More information about the building can be found here.

The EDGE Olympic Building has the following sustainability certificate: Energy label A, C2C certified and is the first WELLTM Core Shell Platinum certified building in the Netherlands. Now they aspire to obtain BREEAM Excellent and WELL Silver certification.

Optimal indoor climate

From the ground up, The EDGE Olympic has incorporated sustainable methods and VOC-free materials. To further promote the physical well-being of users, important indoor climate parameters such as temperature, humidity, light intensity and noise levels are measured. These are then analyzed and form the basis for improvement.

All property data is collected, analyzed and shared through Nuuka's platform and modules

This specific project included the application of the following Nuuka modules: Energy Management, HVAC Process Performance, Space Efficiency, Indoor Air Management and Sustainability Performance (GRESB). Nuuka also provides raw data and ready-made KPIs via the REST API to The Edge Technologies PowerBI environment for visualization purposes