16.01.2018 Building energy efficiency, Energy savings projects, GRESB

Real Estate Stories - The elevator that knew how to weight

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Up and down, down and up. A seemingly never-ending journey that only ends when the working day is finally done. The elevator in your building has a story just like the ancient Greek fable of Sysiphus, forever pushing his boulder up the mountain.

How often does your elevator open on your floor at the end of a long work day only to show a space filled with colleagues looking more like sardines in a can?

The elevator door usually shuts and, packed with humans, continues its journey downwards, stopping at every floor along the way with the same result, and the same disappointment. You patiently wait for the door to open on the next run and hope that there is a place for you in the escape pod. You might be there a while…

 But it doesn’t have to be like this. Not when you have Nuuka working for you in your building.


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Connecting different data points (like those that measure the weight of an elevator and those that send a signal when a floor is demanding a ride down to the carpark or lobby) is the first step towards avoiding this very common experience in high-rise office buildings. The second step is bringing the data from those different places and working with them on a platform such as Nuuka. It is in such a platform where it is possible to create new ways for an elevator (in this case) to respond to the demands of the users in the building.

By creating new parameters for the elevator to stop and open only when there is an available space inside, you can save time, money and suffering for workers wanting to get out of the office and home for dinner, Netflix and relaxation. Such parameters are easy to develop once you have a platform that can bring data together.

An elevator that ‘knows how to weight’ isn’t science fiction, but a data-driven possibility.

Imagine knowing that you had a ride down before the elevator door even opened.

Now that’s a nice way to finish your working day…

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