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Real Estate Stories - You Don’t Always Need to Keep Your Drinks Cold.

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You know those soda-coolers located very close to the check-out at grocery stores? Usually the last opportunity a consumer has to buy something before they shut their wallets and head for the door?

When you look at them they seem to radiate a cool change that can quench the thirst you developed during your grocery shopping. Those icy-cold drinks drawing you in, promising a cool and refreshing change of pace.

One sip changes your whole day… the problem though is that those drinks are usually kept just as cold the whole night too.

Yes, from the time the doors shut at your local grocery store (usually around 8pm) until the time they open again the following morning (let’s say 8am) the vast majority of them will have kept those drinks cold the whole time. That’s 12 whole hours of unnecessary cooling and many hours of energy wasted on keeping a drink cold that had no thirsty consumer around to enjoy it.

With Nuuka’s Connect and Create platform, this is an avoidable cost for grocery stores.


For one of our customers, we modified their cooling automation system so that the cooling was put off 30 minutes after closing time (which in this case was 10:30pm) and programmed it to switch back on again 30 minutes before the grocery store was due to open (which was at 6:30am).

This customer was able to save some energy and money immediately after our service showed them how much energy they were consuming for cooling those soda cans 24/7. Now they are only cooling them during business hours.

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Pardon the pun, but this is only the tip of the iceberg for what Nuuka Solutions can achieve for grocery stores. You wait until you read our next blog post about 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics, and how we can save your grocery store even more money…

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