29.03.2015 News

Osuuskauppa Eekoo’s stores added to the Nuuka BEMS service

The Southern Karelia Cooperative Society, Osuuskauppa Eekoo added its S-Market, Sale and ABC service station stores to the Nuuka BEMS service in late 2014 and early 2015.

In particular, the Nuuka service is used as an energy optimization tool and to monitor the impact of optimization. During 2014, optimization resulted in significant savings for Eekoo.

A clear metering model is planned for Eekoo sites and will feature main meters for heat and electricity as well as electricity submetering for ventilation, refrigeration devices and lighting. At some sites, other large consumption points such as restaurants and kitchens have also been placed under continuous monitoring.

Eekoo’s energy metering uses the standard M-Bus, via which consumption data and effective output values for the given time are read.

In connection with the deliveries, the Nuuka BEMS service real-time application is being piloted at S-Market Pallo, allowing for effective power values to be read from energy meters at intervals of 10 seconds. The aim is to deploy fast meter reading more widely in the future.

After optimization, the Nuuka service is used to automate energy efficiency monitoring, which reduces routine monitoring and ensures that achieved benefits are maintained.

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