08.05.2017 Energy savings projects, China, smart buildings

Nuuka to start its first pilot projects in China


Nuuka’s first visit to China was an interesting and educational experience. The number of people and buildings in Shanghai is hard to fathom - there are over 100 million people living within an hour from Shanghai. A big enough market for us I would say.

In a nutshell, our target in China is to:

  • Modify Nuuka´s leading edge building big data analytics to the needs of the Chinese market;
  • Develop the business model for Nuuka and its partners so that it is suitable for the Chinese market;
  • Install Nuuka software for different types of buildings in China; and
  • Develop working and profitable technical and commercial cooperation with Zhejiang Ruiyang Low-Carbon Technology Ltd


Nuuka agreed to start its first pilot projects in China together with our investor/partner Zhejiang Ruiyang Low-Carbon Technology Ltd. To begin with, Nuuka software will be installed in a university, office building and hospital in the Hangzhou area. These first pilots will be ready during the summer. We believe it is extremely important to have this kind of partner in the Chinese market as they already have the local expertise and knowledge of the market. In addition, they value our Nordic cleantech and software expertise.

On our next trip (scheduled for June) Nuuka will visit more buildings in the Shanghai city area.

We also had a chance to meet with the Jiaxing Development Economic Development Zone (JPEDZ) team. JPEDZ is a municipal economic development zone and aims to increase economic activity in the Jiaxing area and bring more international companies there. Nuuka first met the JPEDZ team in Helsinki in March together with Enersize, who already has its feet strongly in the Chinese market. We are looking forward to meet the JPEDZ team again on the next trip and visit more potential buildings for piloting.


Overall China was a positive surprise for us. People were extremely polite, friendly and easy to do business with. It looks like there’s demand for a big data analytics software such as Nuuka and it seemed that our business gifts – Finnish Kuksas (a wooden glass) – were a big success according to the responses we received from the Chinese people 😊.

See you again in June!

Olli Parkkonen (olli.parkkonen@nuukasolutions.fi)

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