15.07.2013 News

Nuuka system to large school campus EKAMI

EKAMI began to use renewable energy at its Hamina campus in summer 2013. It procured a geothermal heating system and solar panels as part of an extensive property renovation.

Geothermal heat reduces the need for natural gas while solar power reduces the property’s need for electricity. The campus’ CO2 emissions will decrease as a result of the use of renewable energies.

Nuuka Solutions will implement an extensive energy monitoring system to report on energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions from the entire campus and main buildings. The metering of renewable energies and their addition to energy reporting requires an energy balance sheet to be completed, and Nuuka will add this new feature to the service during the project.

Nuuka will also be used to develop energy efficiency and especially in the optimisation of property automation during the autumn.

Users and visitors will be provided with information on the campus’ energy consumption and CO2 emissions via a large monitor located in main lobby.

Nuuka Solutions services designed the metering system in spring and will deliver all necessary energy meters for the project and take care of the system’s overall functionality.

The system will be taken into use in autumn 2013.

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