15.03.2017 News

Nuuka strengthens its management team and presence in Sweden by appointing Susanne Hedblom as VP of Sales and Marketing and Olli Parkkonen as Head of Business Development

Nuuka Solutions Oy strengthens its management team and presence in Sweden by appointing Susanne Hedblom as the VP of Sales and Marketing and Olli Parkkonen as Head of Business Development. 

Susanne’s role at Nuuka will be to focus on increasing sales in the Nordics as well as developing and expanding strategic partnership networks globally. Susanne will be based in Sweden for this role. Susanne has worked in several managerial roles with international sales and customer management in the field of cleantech and software during her working life and she brings a wealth of experience to her new role with Nuuka.

Olli Parkkonen will join Nuuka with a strong background in energy efficiency, energy markets and international business development. Olli´s main responsibilities include Nuuka´s business development both in the Nordics and globally. Nuuka is bringing to market its new concept to make buildings smart and Olli plays a key role in developing these new and innovative solutions.

VP Sales and Marketing, Susanne Hedblom

“ I’m very excited to join the Nuuka team, especially now when the company has started its international expansion and is planning for the upcoming IPO in Sweden. Nuuka has already proven in the Finnish market that it has a powerful product that provides value to its customers. They provide such value by optimizing and simplifying the huge amount of data their customer’s buildings produce. The goal now is to make Nuuka the leading player in transforming the building industry into becoming smarter and more efficient, at the same time being better for the environment”

Head of Business Development, Olli Parkkonen

“It’s great to join the Nuuka team and help the company accelerate its international growth even further. Nuuka has many new concepts and ideas already planned, and now we will start introducing them to markets both here in the Nordics, but also with our teams in the Benelux, USA and China. I am really looking forward to this next step in my career with Nuuka”

CEO Mikko Valtonen

“It’s great to bring some very smart and motivated people like Susanne and Olli on the Nuuka team. Nuuka is in a strong growth phase and with the help of Olli and Susanne (and the rest of our excellent team) we can make great things happen and make the buildings of the world smarter, more efficient and more sustainable”

About Nuuka

Nuuka is a leading building big data analytics management solution provider headquartered in Finland. Nuuka makes buildings smarter. Nuuka`s SaaS consolidates existing building big data into one single user interface and helps building owners and users to not only report but also analyze and understand the core drivers of energy efficiency, good indoor air quality and sustainability into their buildings. Nuuka empowers the users of buildings, taking building big data from the cellar and only for the experts into the hands of the users and owners of buildings, thus enabling better building management and increased property values.

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