28.04.2017 Building energy efficiency

Nuuka presenting at the Smart Solutions for Ventilation and Heating event at the Embassy of Finland in Stockholm on May 4th 2017

We are very excited to announce our participation in the upcoming 'Smart Solutions for Ventilation and Heating' event at the Embassy of Finland in Stockholm on May 4th 2017.


Providing smart, data-driven solutions for the buildings of the world is what we do best, so the opportunity to present our work in the Stockholm market is a great opportunity.

Stockholm is undertaking major urban development projects to keep up with the needs of the growing city. One of the key projects is the Stockholm Royal Seaport District, which covers an impressive 12 000 new homes and 35 000 new workplaces.

Buildings consume a lot of energy and cause up to 36 % of CO2 emissions in the European Union so increasing sustainability in the built environment is something that simply has to be done. Stockholm is considered one of the global forerunners in energy efficiency and with Nuuka, the Stockholm Royal Seaport could strengthen this leadership position.

Our Swedish VP of Sales and Marketing Susanne Hedblom is herself very optimistic about Nuuka's ability to deliver in the Swedish capital:

"When I look around as I walk through Stockholm I only see a more and more consolidated urban space that is begging to become more efficient and healthier for the people who live and work there."

Bild 1 Susanne Nuuka.jpg

"Nuuka not only makes buildings smart but gives building managers more control and knowledge of their building's performance. At the end of the day, this building performance is the difference between happy clients and unhappy ones."

"I am very much looking forward to this opportunity at the Embassy of Finland in Stockholm to talk about the solutions that Nuuka can provide in Stockholm."

Swedes are well aware of Finnish expertise in managing smart high-performance buildings with greater energy efficiency and life cycle costs, better indoor air quality, and higher levels of comfort.

If you or anyone you know wishes to attend the event and hear from our team directly, then please contact Petri.lintumaki@finpro.fi for more information.


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