30.10.2016 News

Nuuka has joined the GRESB as Member Partner

Nuuka has joined the GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) as MEMBER PARTNER.

GRESB is widely recognized as the global standard for portfolio-level sustainability reporting in the real estate sector. On behalf of a large group of institutional investors, GRESB undertakes an annual Real Estate Assessment that captures information regarding the ESG performance of property companies, fund managers and developers. The content of the Assessment is directly informed by what investors consider to be key issues in ESG integration in real estate investments and is aligned with international reporting frameworks such as the GRI and PRI.

Nuuka helps property companies, fund managers and developers to collect asset level energy and water consumption and waste data automatically, calculate necessary key performance indicators and create analytics and reports. Nuuka’s process check automatically that data is reliable and accurate. When it’s time to transfer data to GRESB survey, it is ready and inspected.

Nuuka’s software tool provides portfolio-level graphic analysis applications for sustainability performance which allow for the diverse comparison of sustainability material by portfolio, country and property type.

As a GRESB Partner Member Nuuka always has the latest information about the new developments at GRESB and can further develop its sustainability module with automated GRESB – reporting to meet also the future GRESB – requirements.  For further information about GRESB, go to: www.gresb.com

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