28.02.2014 News

Nuuka for Ouman EH-200 series regulators

The Nuuka energy monitoring service can now be connected to Ouman EH-200 series regulators. Commonly used in e.g. apartment blocks, the heat regulator is connected to the Nuuka service using a Modbus.

Nuuka can read heating network measurement values, energy metering and alarms from the Ouman regulator. In addition, the forwarding of set points for e.g. heating network regulation control characteristics is possible from the Nuuka service back to the regulator.

The feature facilitates the development of a property’s energy efficiency and energy specialists receive all the necessary data they need for their development work.

In addition to the connection with Ouman regulators, a feature was implemented in the Nuuka energy management system wherein it is possible to transfer alarms from other property automation systems to Nuuka where they can be analysed, directed to different users and then sent on to e-mails and as SMS messages to property management.

Nuuka’s centralised and real-time solution provides owners of several properties or specialists working on their energy efficiency with a tool for the continuous monitoring and development of a wide range of devices.

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