03.01.2013 News

Nuuka BEMS for Cursor Oy’s Datariina business centre

Cursor Oy’s Datariina office building in Kotka has implemented the Nuuka system to improve energy efficiency.

Cursor Oy is stepping up its energy efficiency in the Datariina building and has used the Nuuka energy consumption monitoring system since the start of 2012. In connection with the Nuuka delivery, a system to monitor energy consumption that meets the Ministry of the Environment’s regulations on Energy management in buildings (D3/2012) was also implemented in the property.

Twenty energy meters (electricity and heat) in the property were connected to the Nuuka system’s automatic consumption data collection and reporting to measure energy consumption from ventilation, cooling, lighting, electricity and heating from two different sections of building.  In addition, water meters from both buildings were connected to the same system.

The main targets of the investment in energy consumption monitoring were:

  • A permanent energy savings target of -20% over the period 2012 – 2014
  • Making energy efficiency monitoring an ongoing process in the property
  • Clear indicators for measuring energy efficiency

The system was used to locate several areas of improvement in the control of HVAC and electricity processes, such as situations wherein cooling and heating overlapped, unnecessary ventilation and lighting during low demand hours. In comparison to the previous year 2011, the energy consumption of heat and electricity both fell by approximately 15%. The renewal of the automation system in 2011 also signalled an improvement.

Nuuka’s specialists helped Datariina’s property management to optimise the automation. The project also examined the entire HVAC and electricity process and its control. The work also led to ideas on how to develop the automation system.

The project has attracted interest amongst actors which serve properties, and the Nuuka system has allocated user credentials for HVAC and electricity designers, property managers and financial professionals.

The Datariina project is a successful example of an old saying: “If you measure it, you can improve it”

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