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Nuuka Announces New Client in Sweden


Nuuka has signed an agreement with ICA Real Estate.

ICA Real Estate will use Nuuka’s software in pilot-projects to monitor, analyse and improve the efficiency of a few of their assets. So far, the trial period of Nuuka’s Connect and Create software has been successful. ICA is a leading retailer, owning over 170 major commercial properties in the Nordics with the market value of wholly-owned Swedish properties recently assessed at SEK 12.2 billion.

The goal of the co-operation is to evaluate how ICA can maintain their properties even more efficient and sustainable. ICA wants to create the best shopping experience for their customers and at the same time provide a great workplace for their employees by using new digital techniques.

By utilizing Nuuka’s software the user can analyse and optimize their total energy usage, including their own-produced energy from its geothermal heat and cooling plants. At the same time, the air ventilation units are optimized in a way that indoor air quality is improved. The HVAC process data from the building automation system might also be used in machine learning models to further automate and optimise the processes in the future. In addition, when all data is collected in one platform, the possibilities for innovation and new business opportunities appears.

Ms. Susanne Hedblom, Nuuka

“By providing one unified platform with all the building data, Nuuka can add value to all types of real estate owners and to the different service providers, as well as to the tenants using the building. When you have all the data in one place, you can really optimize, improve and innovate in this space and significantly increase property values. We are very happy that ICA has selected us as a partner in this project."

When Nuuka’s software is used in larger portfolios, real value can be created, and real estate portfolio managers can ensure they meet the ever more stringent environmental and sustainability demands of their shareholders and members.

Additional Information:

Susanne Hedblom, VP Sales and Marketing, Nuuka Solutions, +46 76 17 64 604

About Nuuka:

Nuuka’s Connect & Create Software Solution makes buildings a great place to work and live in. Nuuka is a leading building big data analytics solution provider headquartered in Finland. Our SaaS based software consolidates existing building big data into one single user interface and helps building owners and users not only report but also analyze and understand the core reasons behind energy efficiency, good indoor air and sustainability. Nuuka empowers the users and brings building big data into the hands of building users and owners, enabling better building management and increased property values.

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