27.06.2015 News

Making the most out of building automation

In practice, building automation systems contain all the data relating to the control and measurement of the property’s HVAC and electricity processes. Users are demanding better and more individualised indoor air conditions, and they also want to see the relevant data.

Building automation systems were traditionally closed systems and manufacturers deliberately made them difficult to connect to other data systems. Third parties were unable to develop added value services. But now everything is changing. The rapid development of telecommunications solutions in general has made connections to building automation systems possible, meaning we can transfer data for use by other software programs. There are plenty of standard solutions on offer to help with data transfer from one system to another.  Manufacturers previously posed an obstacle to this, but nowadays leading manufacturers offer a good range of various device and connection software solutions. This same breakthrough took place in industry around 15 years ago, when customers began to refuse to buy closed systems.

The result is that we can now harness all of the room temperatures, heat recovery efficiencies and alarms in a building for use by energy specialists. Spatial condition data can be sent to mobile terminal devices for use by tenants or residents.

Real BIG Data from properties comes from closed automation systems, and various actors are introducing new useful services and apps to the markets.

Nuuka solutions is actively involved in this change and implements system integrations and software applications which generate new value.

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