02.06.2014 News

Järvenpään Mestariasunnot – Renewable energy processes monitored using Nuuka’s reporting system.

Järvenpään Mestariasunnot Oy sought an energy reporting system that would be suitable for properties which use renewable energy.

The aim was to produce reporting that was clearly visualised and helped users to understand at a glance how energy-efficiently the property operates in various seasons. Nuuka Solutions came up with and implemented a reporting solution in cooperation with Mestaritoiminta Oy, who acted as a developer organisation.

Reporting was carried out using the Nuuka system, to which the necessary features for renewable energy reporting were added. The end result were energy balance calculations which show how large the property’s energy consumption is by energy type, the share of the property’s own energy production, the amount of purchased energies and how much sellable energy is left in nearby properties.

Nuuka zero Energy building

The Nuuka system’s basic tools, such as consumption analyses and trends, help specialists to monitor properties’ energy efficiency and the performance of HVAC and electricity processes (COP, etc).

The Nuuka system is utilised in the implementation of new properties not only when renewable energy processes are optimised, but also in the ongoing monitoring of energy efficiency.

Information on the property’s energy consumption, KPI key figures and CO2 emissions is distributed to property users on the housing association’s website.

The Nuuka system was connected to Järvenpään Mestariasunnot Oy’s extensive Fidelix property automation system, to which the property’s energy meters are connected.

The system was taken into use in phases in various properties from early August 2013.

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