26.07.2014 News

Energy management – A project or a process?

Energy management is a new concept in the property industry. Over a relatively short period, all kinds of action, services and new job titles have sprung up around it in property organisations.

Property owners and users require some assistance with energy matters. Old habits are hard to break for both users and service providers.

Energy management is the development of properties towards low energy consumption, low carbon dioxide emissions and low waste production.

Over the long term, energy management often means action of a project nature, which progresses towards long-term targets and includes energy reports, investment planning and implementation.

In the short term, energy management emphasises a process of continuous improvement used to constantly keep properties’ energy efficiency, conditions and carbon dioxide emissions under control. The process-like operating model ensures that the situation remains as desired and can be further improved upon.  Practical procedures include the identification of spatial usage needs and the control of HVAC and electricity processes using the building automation to achieve target conditions with optimal energy consumption.  Good results are only achieved when the action is ongoing.

Nuuka Solutions is developing an energy management system to support energy management as a cloud service. Nuuka provides its customers with a clear overall picture of energy consumption, costs and carbon dioxide emissions. Nuuka can be connected to various brands of building automation systems and energy meters, from which it reads data for use in real-time and then visualises it to suit different user groups.  The system also produces comprehensive energy reporting and material for reporting on sustainable development (GRESB, GRI).

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