26.07.2014 News

EKAMI – A centralised system to monitor energy consumption for college campuses

The Etelä-Kymenlaakso vocational college (EKAMI) has taken the Nuuka energy monitoring system into use on its campuses to report on their energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions.

The system was implemented in 2013 and now after approximately six months  EKAMI has gained some user experience with it.

The delivery utilised all of the energy companies’ meters in the properties, such as main electricity and heat meters. In addition, several new submeters were also installed on the campuses for more precise monitoring of energy consumption by building section. There are three campuses at the college with a building surface area totalling over 60,000 m2.

In 2013, a ground-source heat system was installed on one of the campuses, and its performance was monitored using Nuuka’s COP calculations and reporting.

Using the data generated by Nuuka, several areas of improvement were found in HVAC, electricity and automation processes with the potential to improve energy efficiency. These areas included e.g. the need for maintenance and repair of heat recovery devices, the further development of ground source heat system processes, the development of the automation system including changes to usage settings, and guiding property management on how to use them.

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