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Case Study - Smart New Apartments with Nuuka

Making the Airut block in Jätkäsaari ‘smart’ from the very beginning.


Residential developments are facing new challenges. People expect increased comfort and proven sustainability.

Today, urban consolidation is increasing in our cities. Wherever you look around the world, the ‘home of the future’ is most often a multi-level residential apartment complex. Overall, this is a very good thing, as urban sprawl has seen cities creep into our natural environments, eroding natural capital and disturbing local ecosystems in the process.

People in these increasingly dense urban environments are more and more aware of the environmental impacts of their lifestyle and consumption choices. They are also increasingly concerned with the type of energy they consume in their homes, and the range of low-carbon services that are available to them from their front doors (such as bicycle paths, ride-sharing services, public transport and more).

The urban-dweller of the 21st century is much more self-aware, and with more and more information and education at their finger-tips, individuals are demanding that the very homes they live in meet higher and higher environmental standards. This leads to residents wanting access to more data about the impacts of their homes, as well as confidence that the people managing their residential buildings are engaging them on how to reduce their environmental impacts even more.


In the Jätkäsaari area of Helsinki a smart, new residential apartment development is providing exactly the type of environmental performance and service to the conscious urban-dweller and Nuuka is helping this development achieve its environmental goals.

In Jätkäsaari, people will soon have the opportunity to live and work in an urban environment in which they will enjoy easy access to a wide selection of services, as well as effective and clean public transportation and convenient bicycle routes. In addition to low impact residential dwellings, there will be spaces and services for social and sustainable living too.


Nuuka Solutions has provided a critical data-driven element for this new environmentally sustainable development. New home information systems for one of the three new residential apartment complexes in Jätkäsaari (145 apartments in total) were developed and delivered at the end of 2016. The other two buildings will be completed in 2017. These information systems will help inhabitants follow a sustainable lifestyle and be aware of their own carbon footprints in real time. Construction company of those buildings is SRV Rakennus Oy.

Our Nuuka software platform is connected to the apartments and home automation systems via KNX technology from ABB where it collects energy and water consumption information and indoor conditions as residents live day-to-day.  

Nuuka’s Chief Technology Officer Mikko Maja thinks that new developments that have smart systems integrated from the very beginning are a huge opportunity for city planners and developers to meet environmental demands from increasingly eco-conscious urban-dwellers:

“We see new ‘smart apartments’ like those being built in Jätkäsaari as critical to a sustainable urban future. In terms of where our technology solution fits, Nuuka can provide valuable sustainability information to urban living environments where sustainability issues are front of mind for residents and smart cities’ requirement for land transfer terms demand it.”



“It is much easier and more economical for developers and city planners to get their residential buildings right (meaning ‘smart’) from the very beginning, and Nuuka is able to play a very useful role at this stage.”

 “Revisiting a development later to make it ‘smarter’ is of course possible, but comes at a higher cost to building owners. Better to do it right the first time.”



We also look forward with excitement to the residents’ feedback about our solutions. We expect some good development ideas, which we can take advantage of to further develop the Nuuka home information software.

Nuuka’s solution for these smart residential apartments will see them deliver to consumers the environmental standards they are demanding. Residents want the knowledge and information in at their finger-tips so they can make better individual decisions themselves in their day-to-day lives. By using Nuuka’s Home energy information system residents will better understand the ‘big environmental data’ they will produce. A resident who understands their own impacts can make better decisions in the future. With Nuuka’s software in their hands, they will be the eco urban-dwellers the world needs.

You can read more about this exciting residential development in Jätkäsaari here 

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