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Nuuka Solutions opens subsidiary in Sweden

Nuuka welcomes Natalia Struecker to the Stockholm office

Nuuka welcomes Peshko Mohtadi to the team

Lassi Lääti joins the Nuuka team as software developer

Roberto Pusceddu Joins Nuuka as Director of Sales and Customer Management Benelux

Nuuka welcomes new software engineer to the team

Automaatioinsinööri (Automation & IoT Manager)

Nuuka has signed a new agreement with a big Swedish supermarket chain to install their technology in a further +50 buildings

Watch now: CEO Mikko Valtonen interview by Holland ConTech and Proptech regarding recent collaboration with Bouwinvest

Nuuka vinner offerttävling för att leverera smarta energihanteringssystem åt Helsingfors stad

Nuuka voitti tarjouskilpailun älykkään kulutusseurantajärjestelmän toimittamisesta Helsingin kaupungille

Nuuka wins tender to implement energy and smart building management system for the City of Helsinki

Another new recruit at Nuuka

Join our growing Smart Building team!

Welcome to the Nuuka team Niina!

What’s the BIG deal with BIG data and analytics in your building?

New open position / uusi avoin työpaikka

Higher Sustainability Scores Correspond to Higher ROI in Real Estate

Vastuullisuus lisää kiinteistösijoitusten tuottoa

Want to work with IoT and Big Data?

Join our growing Smart Building team!

Want to work with Smart Buildings?

Nuuka is Recruiting! Nuuka Rekrytoi!

Nuukalle merkittävä ruotsalainen kiinteistöasiakas

Nuuka tillkännager ny kund i Sverige

Nuuka Announces New Client in Sweden

Nuuka Sweden Office Welcomes Jessica Rouvinen to the Team

Real Estate Stories - The elevator that knew how to weight

Keravan Energia broadens its service offering to include Nuuka’s demand response solutions.

Keravan Energia laajentaa palveluvalikoimaansa kysyntäjoustokonseptilla Nuukan teknologian avulla

Real Estate Stories - Knowledge is Power. Listening is Divine.

Real Estate Stories - You Don’t Always Need to Keep Your Drinks Cold.

LähiTapiola and Nuuka to Collaborate on New Office Innovations

LähiTapiola Kiinteistövarainhoito ja Nuuka yhteistyöhön kehittämään LähiTapiolan kiinteistökannan älykkyyttä

Varma and Nuuka to collaborate on new office innovations.

Varma ja Nuuka yhteistyöhön kehittämään Varman kiinteistökannan älykkyyttä

Join us for another Smart Breakfast, this time in Stockholm on the 24th of August.

Doors Opening in the Nordics and Benelux

Nuuka Solutions Oy Rekrytoi: Ohjelmistosuunnittelija

Nuuka Solutions Oy Rekrytoi: Talotekniikan osaaja

Nuuka Solutions Lands in California

Interview with David Neil from Genesta

Case Study - Smart New Apartments with Nuuka

USA – Here We Come!

Nuuka to start its first pilot projects in China

Nuuka presenting at the Smart Solutions for Ventilation and Heating event at the Embassy of Finland in Stockholm on May 4th 2017

Join us at The Sexy Truth in Stockholm!

Nuuka strengthens its management team and presence in Sweden by appointing Susanne Hedblom as VP of Sales and Marketing and Olli Parkkonen as Head of Business Development

Nuuka Solutions Oy Rekrytoi: Smart Building Manager

2017 GRESB 'Breakfast and Brains' Smart Real Estate Briefing with Nuuka Solutions, Genesta and GRESB

Nuuka Solutions Oy is hiring! Open position: Head of Business Development and Customer engagement

Nuuka Solutions Oy is hiring! Open position: Global head of sales & marketing

Nuuka closes a financing round and selects Mikko Valtonen as the new CEO

Nuuka Solutions Oy toteutti rahoituskierroksen ja valitsi Mikko Valtosen uudeksi toimitusjohtajaksi

Nuuka Solutions plans to list in Stockholm First North

Nuuka Solutions entering China, with the help of Finnish Technology Agency Tekes and strong local Chinese partners

Nuuka has joined the GRESB as Member Partner

Energy savings projects can be complicated - here’s how to make them that much easier.

Building automation conference in Tampere 23.9.2015

Making the most out of building automation

Nuuka develops a sustainability reporting and analyzing tool for Genesta Property Nordic.

Osuuskauppa Eekoo’s stores added to the Nuuka BEMS service

Portfolio-level sustainability reporting for property investors

Making the most of renewable energy processes

Big data and analytics at the Annual Convention of Property Investment Prospects in Aulanko 6.-7.11.2014.

New premises for Kotkan Energia

Onnelanpolku elderly care home

Utilising big data and analytics in a property

Energy management – A project or a process?

EKAMI – A centralised system to monitor energy consumption for college campuses

Järvenpään Mestariasunnot – Renewable energy processes monitored using Nuuka’s reporting system.

Nuuka in Lappeenranta’s Prisma

Nuuka for Ouman EH-200 series regulators

Nuuka system to large school campus EKAMI

Energy specialists

Property investors

Property owners/users

Nuuka BEMS for Cursor Oy’s Datariina business centre